Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Media Manipulation 9.01

I do a fair amount of photo editing, video editing, audio editing.  Recently I patched up an old photo digitally for a friend, and edited some audio clips for her.  It occurred to me that I could edit my running music (heavy metal for the most part) so that I mostly get those power-ballad guitar bridges, and less of the stanzas, so I am going to do that today before my run.  I have edited some movies and animes to create music videos, and those are up on YouTube.  Here is the first one I ever made (Vampire Knight anime): http://youtu.be/0q03IRKOyps

So...going to trim down some of my Sirenia and Kamelot songs to make for more powerful running.  Hopefully my headache will be gone by the time I am ready to run.  Tons of chores to do today, too!  Our Oktoberfest feast is this Saturday, so there will probably be an entry about that - I shall label it "feasts" because we like doing those, and there will be one coming up again near Samhain (I'm not Wiccan, but I do enjoy having more reasons to have a themed feast which are not affiliated with mainstream religion).

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