Sunday, May 27, 2012

Halloween 13.03

I compiled a list of things I want to use for my build of a portal gun.  I have based this upon other people's that I have seen, as well as a few other ideas here and there.  For the main body I am going to use cardboard packing tubes, which are a lot sturdier than you would think.  I don't have power tools and it costs a lot to rent them, so I will not be going with PVC pipes.  Also, the debate between Bondo and spackle for reinforcement and molding has been stuck in my head for a bit - ultimately I think I will try just using Spackle for the whole thing because I have worked with Spackle before and it doesn't harden as quickly as Bondo, allowing for more flexibility.  Also, I'm not working with PVC pipes, so again, I don't need something made of fiberglass.  Ordered the rest of my ingredients from Amazon, including two high gloss spray paints (black and white), a clear handled toilet plunger (for the handle of course), and sandpaper.  I obtained the green florist's foam from Michael's, I probably could have ordered it online but I wanted to go in person to make sure it's what I wanted to use.  It'll be a challenge to cut it how I want, but I think it will be ideal.  Here are all the supplies I have thus far... 

Only tools I have at this point are exacto knives, scissors, and a hacksaw... For reference, here is the "pro" way of doing this project - which I would preferably do if I had the power tools and time...  When all my stuff arrives I will start on the black tubing portion first, and see how that goes.  My boyfriend will probably do the electronics portion, so we shall see how that works.

Computer Games 11.04

So, here's another video game-inspired edible - Honey Nut Treats.  In the game, you see these little yummy looking items lying around all over the place:

It might not look like much, but when you see it EVERYWHERE you go in game, while ignoring your own body's desire to eat out of constant visual and mental stimulation, then those little pixels sure look good.  Anyhow, I looked online for other people who had made them - a general consensus seemed to be that they are more like a gooey nut and honey mixture, which is a little too calorie-dense for my tastes, plus whenever I looked at them in-game I always thought they'd be more like a baked good.  On the Skyrim wikis, Honey nut treats are grouped in with other "candy" edibles, however, I saw that the sweet roll, essentially a bundt cake, is also considered a "candy," though obviously a baked good.  I took this caveat as permission to make this a baked good rather than a solid chunk of nuts and honey.  

The concept I'd had in my head for a while was that it is more of a buscuit-like concoction, with an overabundance of nuts, and honey mixed in as well as honey on top.  This did not seem like it would be too difficult to concoct on my own.  Since I have never made biscuits from scratch, I decided to just go the easy route and buy some biscuit dough.  I also thought that hazelnuts would be the best chopped nut option, but Safeway didn't have those either, so I went with walnuts - might be better than hazelnuts anyway because they are softer and easier to chop.  Last but not least, tons of honey. 

They were extremely delicious, but didn't stay on the sticks as well as I had hoped - I think part of it was the dough I used, and that I had coarsely chopped the walnuts.  Next time: Chop the walnuts more, and make the biscuit dough from scratch so it all sticks together better.  It was really really yummy, and honestly tasted just as I had pictured all this time.  For a more candy-inspired version of honey nut treats, check out this person's blog.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Creative Projects 7.09

I finished this a while ago, but I had not gotten around to posting it.  Here is the completed pressed plant quad piece - my boyfriend's favorite four herbs: Dill, Rosemary, Thyme, and Sage.  He is quite the chef.  The next obsession projects will be that portal gun, assembling the clothing required and making the books to be Chell, planning a certain "ceremony," continuing working out and experimenting with food... and whatever other interesting things I come up with.  Might not be the most varied stuff going on right now, but alas.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Halloween 13.02

My plans for my Portal 2 costume have hit a bit of a snag - all the Portal guns sold out in 30 minutes...  I am now left with making it myself.  There are a variety of way to go about it.  I doubt I will try to include any blue or orange light effects, but the general structure should be doable.  This is a good do-it-yourself guide.

I am familiar with the green foam that is used for the white shell, and it seems a reasonable thing to use.  Finding the proper tubing and such will be more challenging.  At any rate, that's the next big project on the horizon.  I will post pictures as it comes along...