Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Random Recipes 15.03

Well I have been making more food of late - it is pretty awesome.  I have to say - Martha Stewart really lives up to the hype.  Insider trading or no, and regardless of cooking training, her recipes are amazing, not to mention the website layout is gorgeous and each recipe has a picture with it.  Here are my latest conquests:

Mushroom and Scallion Frittata - I had to substitute sweet yellow onion and green onions for scallions since Safeway didn't have any scallions, and the baking time was more like 25 minutes than 15.  Word of warning: When it's baking the cheese puffs up insanely high - about 3-4 inches, it looks like a balloon - but it obviously falls quite nicely.

Double Chocolate Brownies - Secret ingredient is 1/4 cup prune puree - I actually couldn't find prune puree so I got canned prunes and pureed them myself at home.  They had seeds so I had to fish those out, but it worked out pretty well.  If you cut it into 12 segments, you can be fairly certain that each one is about 200 calories.  That's another nice thing about many of Martha Stewart's recipes - she includes the calories.  And again, her website design is gorgeous, tasteful, simple.

There are plenty of other things I have been up to - I recently made Chocolate Apple Strudel from scratch and made pretzels for the first time - both of which were awesome.  I have collected over 100 recipes from Martha Stewart's main site and her more health-oriented site.  I must say I am a huge fan of these recipes.  They are very much in line with the way my fiance and I already cook, a lot of the tastes are similar, she really understands how practical people cook, without making it over-simplified.  As a disclaimer, I am not given any money for endorsing Martha Stewart or her magazines or websites - but I have to say these are fricking awesome recipes.  Probably more to come.