Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great Books 4.03

The week is starting again, as is my book/language regimen - starting today I am on Pimsleur's Speak and Learn German lesson 07 and starting Rene Decartes' Discourse on the Method.  So far with German I know how to talk about understanding/speaking German and English, wanting something to eat or drink, please, thank you, asking how are you, responding, etc.  I think next is telling time and asking for quantities of things.  I did the Japanese Pimsleur lessons and those were great, and I did the first 15 of those lessons before starting an actual semester-long beginning course in Japanese, and the lessons matched what I was learning in those first few weeks, so that adds credibility to Pimsleur.  Also my boyfriend can understand my German and he took it in school as well.  

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