Monday, September 19, 2011

Haute Cuisine 1.12

Well, it has been about 1 week, and the snails are starting to get sick of all the celery and oats I've been giving them, so I think now is a good time to give them their "purging" - no food or water for 48 hours before the cooking.  I feel bad, but they are yummy and they are pests so it's just the natural cycle in a way.  I have decided to discard the shoe box I was keeping them in - it was kind of a hassle, next time I will probably get a normal plastic terrarium.  Much easier to clean.  If there is a next time.  

I want to recreate that dish I had, so we will need to get some parsley and pork bone with marrow in it for me to add to the traditional butter and garlic.  It will be our Wednesday night meal methinks!  The time is drawing nearer!  I wonder what wine we should have with it...I think a Riesling would go well!

The purging container - the lid has air holes

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