Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Almost Back in the Saddle

Getting so much closer to restarting the writing.  Here's how it got started - surprisingly, with metal music binges.

It reminded me of epic adventures and romances - primarily the album by Dragonland - Under the Grey Banner.  It reawakened an interest in my old stories, and I mean old.  Like 2006 old.  

After reading through those, setting them to various music mixes, I remembered how fun they could be to read.  Not just write, but read too.  There were some plot devices I completely forgot about, and on revisiting, still felt fresh. 

Now, I still haven't revisited Red Horizon with fresh eyes - that's the part I'm really working towards.  I'm feeling some extra motivation also after watching the Red Letter Media discussion of why the first three Star Wars movies were not good.  One interesting point he brought up was how to move the plot along while at the same time giving background information and present the information in interesting ways.  It brought me back to some of the ways I thought of doing that.  Opening on a major crisis,  Bringing up backstory while heading into a surface walk that results in discoveries.  Talking about plot developments while traversing a fractionator room, scientific research facilities, pre-during-post hallucination experiences.  The biggest thing I remember from Red Letter is avoid just having them sit down talking.  Sure, in an environment/atmosphere-heavy story, I think it's forgivable to have discussions in previously unvisited areas, like musings in a storage facility, or common areas and cafeterias.  

At any rate, I think the next step is rereading Red Horizon and getting re-engaged in the characters.  Time to pay Tharsus One another visit.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


After spending 2 months at the new job and the new apartment, things are starting to come together.  I won't go on about the new job, it's pretty much paradise.  

I think I have a routine somewhat figured out - managing to do Duolingo again daily, practicing violin fundamentals with the new teacher, starting my XHIT arm exercises again, finally playing Mankind Divided, even starting a new skin regimen which I already really like.  I think I've just had to come to an understanding with my brain that yes, we will still not be sleeping as much as we'd like.  There's simply too much to do in a day.  Brain protests sometimes, even tries to trick us, but putting the alarm far enough away that I have to walk to it gives me just enough time to convince my brain that we might as well just stay up and get things going.  If I don't put it far enough away, this will happen:

I'm quite glad that things are 'stable' - my activities are finally reaching an equilibrium, and maintaining themselves.  But... there are a lot of projects that have not gotten started, and many that need to be defined.  

Yule is approaching, so there are many opportunities for crafts, decorating, cocktails, new menu items.  

Not sure what order these things will be done in, but let's get started!  I'll limit it to 10...

1. Yule log chocolate cake for the solstice
2. Build a Yule-themed wreath
3. A perfect Yule cocktail
4. Figure out things to plant for spring and keep Gene (Triple Crown Blackberry) and Rudy (Boysenberry) alive - thank you weather for helping out!
5. Add on the XHIT leg exercises (I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus but I like this video aiming to make your legs look good like hers): 
6. Start a journal club at work
7. Android/cyberpunk/cybernetic human costume for next Halloween - I know, I know, we just had Halloween.  Heck the last post was THIS year's Halloween costume.  But I've been wanting to do this one forever and it will require a lot of planning and research.
8. Read a chapter of Ulysses with the companion book between each book I complete from my list
9. Clear my CME inbox buildup from Medscape and various other sources and keep it under control
10. Get at least another chapter of Red Horizon finished before the end of the year
Bonus: Donate regularly to progressive funds to keep the new regime from destroying civil liberties, science, internet freedom, etc.


As usual, still can't stop at one thing so... things that take less precedence:
Work on more drawings, decorate office more (just ordered a couple birthday presents for myself to put up!), keep reading the World History and Marine Biology books, go insect collecting when the weather is more conducive, finish Star Craft II epilogue missions, plan CME trip and other vacation itineraries for next year, consider getting some non-work clothes that look nice and don't have holes?

Try out more youtube makeup videos - this girl is in high school but I really like her fresh-faced looks and I like her editing and narration.  Found her video when I looked for makeup ideas for the Rey Halloween costume - honestly these videos make me want to care about makeup again because it'd be fun to actually try to have a 'wow' look.  

...and I just added 8 things to my wishlist.