Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cocktails 12.07

Well, here's the latest from my bar - I wanted to try out a different gin and saw Bombay Sapphire East sitting on the shelf at Safeway.  It seemed like a good volume for starting out with a new gin, so I got it on a whim.  On looking up more information about it, I saw a list of cocktails that aimed to bring out the extra herbal notes of thai lemongrass and peppercorns that distinguish this gin from the normal Bombay Sapphire.  A cocktail I found was called the Bombay Dragon, and is poured over ice usually, so I made a variation on it - kept most of the ingredients the same, but I don't have pomegranate-dragonfruit juice nearby, and I am going to soon add ginger syrup as well.

1.5oz Bombay Sapphire East
3/4oz Cinnamon syrup (I chose Goldschlager)
1/3oz Lime juice
1.5oz Pomegranate juice
A few shakes of bitters (I use Angostura - it called for a different bitters I wasn't familiar with)

Garnish with 3 peeled Thomcord grapes, frozen

 I found the grapes worked out as replacement for olives even better than I thought - first, I was worried they would float since they are mostly water but they didn't, and it looks better that way.  Second, the green tone substitutes well aesthetically for the olives - very similar.  Third, the sweet finish of the grapes contrasts really nicely with the dry herby tangy flavors of the drink.  I ended up peeling all my Thomcord grapes (and I ate the skins, of course, since they're super healthy) and they're sitting in my freezer awaiting more Bombay Dragon Martinis ^_^