Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creative Projects 7.02

I suppose this still falls under the category of creative projects - almost thought of making it a separate thing.  I find it a shame that I have tons and tons of photos of myself since going to college, and they are all stored on my hard drive, yet I rarely look at them, and I never really flip through them and enjoy them.  Something that my family medicine preceptor gave me the idea for was making a photo book, and having it made through online services such as Shutterfly.  We are talking way beyond the "scrap books" that our parents used to make, pasting photos onto photo paper - these are high quality photo prints, that you can add text to, enhance, and do all sorts of things.  It would really be a lot of fun and a great way to chronicle events.  It would also make a great present to my mom if she wants me to make one for her about her cats (of which she has had many...)

In my mind I see myself arranging it by year, or by "period", so the time I was in college, or "on-campus life" and "off-campus life", or "first year medical school" or "first 5 years with boyfriend" - that sort of thing.  Something durable that I can carry around and make personal and creative.  I really love my preceptors...I am going to miss them a lot... in a way they make me feel like being a family medicine doctor suits me well not only because I enjoy seeing the patients but because I connect with them so well and we have so much in common.  If people like them (who are people like me) are in that job, and still living their lives and going on adventures, why not I?  Sounds perfect.  

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