Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bloodlust 2.03

I know it's been a while since I posted - alas things have been rather busy in my medical world so I have not had as much time for various obsession-y things.  However, my katana arrived in the mail, and here it is!!!

Pretty neat, huh?  Anyhow, I have the costume also, but I need to adjust it a little bit - the sleeves are a bit longer than I prefer aesthetically and I may insert some rips or some holes or artistic slashes.  I will eventually add blood splatter (paint probably) and make fake cuts on my skin.  The best way to do that is get that soft wax, spread a layer in a single line, then make a groove and put fake theatrical blood in the groove, that way the wax looks like your skin bent up around a cut mark.  I'll do that on my face, maybe my leg, maybe my chest.  And I'll have my hair up, I'm letting it grow out for the purpose of putting it mostly up and then having a lock come down on either side of my face.  I also need to figure out some way to tie my katana to my side, since my actual costume doesn't have belt loops.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Haute Cuisine 1.16

I know it's not super creative, but I'm going to do the same recipe from last week - that sweet potato soup is just sooo yummy, has so many vitamins, and it goes so well with the yogurt and curried apples...  I still have part of the honeydew from last week so I'll just get a few more kiwis and use that for my fruit salad again.  So shopping list is 2.5lb sweet potatoes, 3 kiwi, 1 apple, 1 red bell pepper, vegetable broth, another plain greek yogurt cup.  Simple enough.  I've been fighting various cravings, mostly junk food lately.  Not sure why, maybe because I've been eating less.  

In other news, went to Napa recently - it was fun - we went to Sattui winery, Artesa winery, and Rutherford bar and grill for lunch - amazing roast dip sandwich - amazing.  I don't even like those sandwiches much, but the bread was soft (so no crusts cutting gums) and the meat was suuuuper tender, and minced to the point that taking a bite didn't involve cutting through large pieces or dragging pieces out.  I myself had the BBQ pork ribs, which were good.  Probably going to have breakfast foods for dinner (bacon, toast and eggs).