Sunday, September 11, 2011

Haute Cuisine 1.10

I have taken the first steps to preparing my escargot!  I prepared a shoe box so it is waterproof and snail-eating-through proof and went out and collected two dozen snails.  It was extremely easy - my apartment complex has a glut of snails and the sprinklers must have turned off 30 minutes ago so they were all out and activated by the moist environment.  I even had some extra time to hunt for bigger ones.  I put them in their little box, gave them pieces of celery, some oat meal (as their grain), and a lid of water (but I really don't think they will need it considering how much water is in the celery...)

In a few days time, they will be ready for the cooking!  If this turns out to be good we may have to do this more often.  I hope it goes well.  I am also working on a personal cookbook on OneNote - it includes pictures and recipes of all the things my boyfriend and I cook.  My haute cuisine recipes shall be included.  I also need to come up with some recipes for next week...I will update tomorrow when I decide what to have for lunch each day and will report back with pictures and the like.  One thing about these obsessions of mine, is that it is never for lack of guts that they fail to be followed through to completion - it is usually time or ability to find the appropriate resources.

I also found a blogger who made two very nicely detailed posts about how to prepare them and cook them - I like that she says 1 week is sufficient for feeding them, rather than the original instructions I found that said 2 weeks...  She also mentions a purging period, where you need to starve them for 48 hours to get rid of the food in their system.

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