Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Haute Cuisine 1.09

Escargot - one of the dishes I had at La Folie - is very delicious, not to mention unusual (or at least to the typical American).  I was looking up some information about the snails you use to make them, and it turns out you can use normal brown garden snails - you just have to feed them clean food for a few days to let them flush out their systems and then you can cook them. Our apartment complex has TONS of snails, so we are probably going to gather them and then follow these instructions we found online:

A long time ago my dad told me this was possible, but when we tried we didn't give them enough water (and I was a kid, so short attention span) and they all died or escaped, but I think now that we will actually cook them it may work out!  Maybe I can even make some for my family...  This will be fun.  I may try to reverse-engineer the dish that La Folie had - where they used bone marrow and parsley in additional to the usual ingredients of butter and garlic to make the dish more savory, and loaded it all in a pork bone.  Man my mouth is watering just remembering that amazing meal...

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