Sunday, August 21, 2011

Piano 3.01

I used to play the piano - back in elementary school.  Apparently I was rather resistant - I screamed in my piano teacher's ear at some point.  At this point, I rather regret it - she was a well-meaning teenager or 20-something year old woman, just trying to teach some belligerent young girl to play an instrument.  However...there is this one piece of music that has inspired me to at least learn how to play it.  The only things I can remember from piano are one or two Bach minuets and the FACE/EGBDF and ACEG/GBDFA acronyms for knowing what the lines and spaces mean for the right and left hands respectively.  (FACE, Every Good Boy Does Fine) and (All Cows Eat Grass/Great Big Dogs Fight Animals).  So...with that in mind, one of my goals is to master this piece from the amazing video game Bioshock, loosely based on Ayn Rand's Capitalist utopia described in Atlas Shrugged (one of my favorite books)

Check it out - it is a beautiful song, reminding me of Schriabin, Rachmaninov and Danny Elfman.  I shall soon be able to play that song.  One of my many goals.  The following link is a clip on youtube of the song that I hope to master.

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