Sunday, August 21, 2011

Great Books 4.01

I have a love of languages and literature - you'd be surprised how well-rounded most physician-to-be's are.  At any rate, I am a big fan of literature.  At the moment, my drive to my rotations takes about an hour each way, so I have been listening to audio books for one leg of the trip and Pimsleur German audio lessons for the other leg of the trip.  The current book I am going through is Kafka's Metamorphosis - mostly because I wanted to start with something short, so I could see how I liked listening to a book in the narrated audio form.  I very much enjoy it and plan to continue it.  The books on my list are derived from this website, which I think gives a pretty well-rounded approach to classic books.

I mostly like this website's list because they do not stick to the Eurocentric Anglo-Saxon value system - they include a lot of Asian writers as well.  Check it out if you are interested - I will update you on my progress - currently I am at 7.6% completion of the full Great Books list of that website.  Kafka's Metamorphosis is not on the list, but considering my entomological interests and the fact that everyone refers to Kafka I thought I should read it.  Next on the list will be the epic of Gilgamesh, of which I know the general story but have not truly read through it.  I have the audio book.  As for written words, the books I am currently working through besides my medical textbooks include The Peloponnesian War by Thucydides, Tale of Genji, and The Nibelungenlied (Norse Saga).  

For the record, Kindle is FREE on Android OS - so that is where I am reading Nibelungenlied - that is also how I read Heart of Darkness.  To be fair, I have read many valuable classic books, but not all of them make the lists on the Great Books website I chose, so it is definitely a work in progress, but it is a major goal.  I shall update with each book I finish.  

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