Monday, August 29, 2011

Gothic Inclinations 5.01

Last night I finally indulged in one of my fantasies - going to a goth club all decked out in the proper garb.  It was indeed a lot of fun.  Went into San Francisco to the Batcave Society SF - it was a nice small room in the back with a bar and a dance floor.  The best thing about it was it played music that I liked which I never hear on the radio, and when people danced it was not in a massive sweaty hoard, but rather individuals dancing however they pleased, maybe interacting with one or two other people, but beyond that, it was very individualistic.  

Some of the new songs that I will have to check out include:
Love Like Blood - Killing Joke
Somewhere in the Night - Stereo
Prigkipesa - Collection
The Blue Hour - Christian Death
Last Day on Earth - Pink Turns Blue

The two friends who I convinced to go with me actually enjoyed themselves a lot - it is definitely a different scene than most night clubs.  So, they enthusiastically agreed we should go back again on next Sunday, when it is a holiday weekend.  Another one of my friends may come along then as well!  It'll be really fun.  On an odd note - the first person we talked to at the club (besides the bartender and the cover collectors) was this guy who turned out to be a 4th year medical student at UCSF - I mean, what are the odds that I go to a goth club in San Francisco, and of the maybe 15 people who attended that night, one of them was also a medical student?  We talked a bit and that was fun - he had some advice for my friend (also a medical student), since both of them are interested in the same specialty.  Hopefully next week will be even better - it probably will be since a holiday weekend will allow for more people to come out.

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