Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Self Improvement 10.04

Well I know it's too soon to say the sweet potatoes are helping (my skin has been doing better it seems), and I know that it's bad form to add another variable into the mix, but while I was at Raleys I remembered that they might have flaxseed oil and that is good for skin, eyes, cholesterol, etc.  So I found some in the refrigerated natural foods aisle (took me a while to find it) - and when it's refrigerated you know it's legit - and got myself some.  Before I had gotten some flaxseed oil which wasn't refrigerated from Safeway, and used it on sliced whole wheat bread and it was tolerable - an acquired taste, I came to like it.  I tried some of the new refrigerated kind today on my bread - it tasted amazing!  SO much better than the other stuff - the room temp stuff from Safeway had this kind of acrid olive oil-like flavor to it - this was wonderful, and significantly healthier than butter so I think this shall replace my toast cravings.  Expensive stuff, but delicious.  Since the fortified one was the same price as the non-fortified, I got the fortified.  No harm.  Soooo good though.  

I am going to run today, I think since the jog before was so easy that I will jog an extra 10 minutes today, making it 4 miles instead of 3.  I also have to walk to and from a BART station to get to the hospital I am rotating at so that adds some good exercise to my day.  I am also mixing in my pilates video for days where I just don't feel up to running or my ankle is killing me or something like that.  Good times!  I also got a lot of errands done today.  Until I run, I will do some studying, snack on some berries, maybe an almond or two (I limit myself to 10, because my jaw joints are not so good and ache a lot after chewing tough things, and also because I don't want to just eat them like candy - they are pretty nutrient dense, and that includes calories!)

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