Sunday, December 11, 2011

Computer Games 11.02

Well...I know I said I was done with New Vegas, but my boyfriend got me two posters for my birthday that were New Vegas themed so... I'm kinda getting back in the mood for the game now. Near the end I started focusing more on leveling up, fighting, and not really taking time to take in the scenery and ambiance, so I am going to emphasize that this time around. Also, I have played so many times, I have finally gotten down the perfect order to do everything in, and how to approach things.

I like to play with the "Wild Wasteland" trait because sometimes you come across weird things - this for instance.  Hopefully you get the reference.  Poor Indy...

The science poster looks better in real life because I didn't want to take a picture with any glare and so I took it in less-than-optimal lighting.  Anyway, those two are the ones I got - quite fitting.  

In other computer game news, my three best male friends (including my boyfriend, of course) are all on board for two games now, updated from just one before. We added Starcraft II to our playlist - in addition to Left 4 Dead (2). So now in the evenings when I wanna unwind and we can get the gang together, that's our new thing. We will be adding Alien Swarm shortly.  I also just discovered there is a short story that comes with that Amnesia game I finished recently - the pdf is in the download file, so I will have to look through that soon.

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