Thursday, December 1, 2011

Self Improvement 10.03

My ankle has been bothering me when I run lately - my left ankle on the medial side and it's only when my foot lands a certain way.  It feels more ligamentous in nature, so I am not sure what the problem is.  I've started taking Glucosamine since I'm worried about wearing down my joints, and I tried running on the treadmill today since it's just straight running and I could evaluate whether my gait or just running in general was the problem.  As far as I can tell, it's my gait.  Some good news though - I set the pace on the treadmill for the same speed I go outside, about 6.0 (so about a 10 minute mile) and I was able to just keep going - no problem.  It was fun - relaxing.  I then just speed-walked for the rest at 3.5 and listened to a medical lecture on my phone.  I think I'll stick to the treadmill until I don't notice my ankle pain anymore then go back to trail running.  They are very different experiences - trail running the scenery changes and I keep changing direction so it's a little harder to daydream, but it's more fun because there's more variety and beautiful sunsets - also half the time that I run outside I have my best friend join me, so there's that.  

As far as eating healthy - that has been going well as well.  I am still eating half a yam a day - my skin is doing better but I will wait a month before making any judgement one way or another.  Also, I got the Black Malva shampoo and conditioner - as well as a color protectant leave-in product.  I like the products, but I've only been using them for a few days so we shall have to wait and see if it makes any difference in color.

I have also been splurging for blueberries, so I can snack on those.  It's expensive...but I'll do it.  Then greek yogurt, avocados, almonds, various other fruit like Japanese persimmons, and various types of brewed tea for my drink.  I feel pretty good - nice and healthy.  Most of what I eat when I eat out has been sushi.  Today is my birthday so I went out with my best friend for some Japanese food - tomorrow I'm going to get sushi again with my boyfriend.  Should be delicious!  

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