Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creative Projects 7.07

While on my Raleys trip today, I also got some fresh herbs!  Dill and Sage.  I got them all arranged and put in the plant press.  Since I didn't really show pictures of the process, here you go!

Step 1: Pick out some kind of plant or flower that you want to preserve and press - lay it out on a thin sheet of paper, in the arrangement that you like

Step 2:  If you have a functional pressing board, you can do what is recommended and place between some cardboard, place between the boards, and tighten the screws until it is night and pressed.  However, the boards that we got are kind of...well...shitty - the wood started to crack when we tried to screw them together, so I decided a better way would be to take one of my medical tomes and place it on top.  So first we put it between several layers and between the boards, then I place the extra materials on top, and then place my huge book on top.  It worked great for the thyme, and you can press different plants if you use different layers so now I am pressing two plants at once!

I am looking forward to seeing how they look.  It was originally intended to combine two of the herbs that my boyfriend wanted to show, because he wanted 5 and I got a quad frame, but I think we may just have to get a new frame for one of the remaining herbs.  Which should get it's own frame... Rosemary or Basil...  I'm thinking Basil because it is one of my boyfriend's favorite herbs of all time - and it deserves to be showcased solo.  

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