Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bloodlust 2.04

So I was going to grow my hair out, but my boyfriend doesn't really want me to - so it is unlikely I will just grow my hair out for next Halloween.  I looked for some wigs, and eventually found one that looked to my liking.  I ordered it after much deliberation, so in a bit I will have my costume complete for next year.  I was thinking of another costume for next year, maybe Sarah Kerrigan the Queen of Blades from Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, or Chell from Portal 2 - Chell would be the easiest costume but I would really need to make a Portal gun prop.  Kerrigan would work if I only did the version of her after she becomes less Zerg-y in the soon-to-be-released sequel to Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty.  Since I have all the materials for my geisha samurai girl, that will be next year's for sure, but I can still dream of other costumes!

One reason I like this wig is because it has red in it - and it's not just short, it's got other stuff too.  Looking forward to getting it in the mail - I may post a picture with it on!

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