Monday, January 21, 2013

New Years Resolutions

I feel like I should make a list of resolutions for the coming year.  A lot has changed over the years, making several of my previous resolutions like "Lose some weight," "Exercise more," and "Get better grades" somewhat obsolete.  The first two because I've managed to incorporate that in to daily life, and the latter because grades essentially do not matter anymore.  10 is always a nice number for lists, and I think I've noticed that the key with resolutions is to be specific with the directives.

The new goals/resolutions this year shall be...

1. Properly budget money - I am going to soon receive my final loan disbursement.  After July 1, I shall be on a resident's salary of somewhere between 45-50k per year.  I'd rather not have a crap ton on my credit cards...

2. Maintain weight and exercise practices - That's always the challenge, isn't it?  Just staying where you are.

3. Read more medical books and studies, and incorporate into practice - essentially, be better about using evidence-based medicine!

4. Read more non-medical books and finish at minimum 10 books from The Great Books list - I've been doing okay with supplementing with a story or two from the Necronomicon every other day or so, but I need to step it up a notch!

5. Cook a duck and a goose properly

6. Go skydiving - It's already in the works but it'll be nice to cross something off my list early on in the year

7. Sort and identify the remaining insects in the boxes - at least that ONE box - you know the one - I really need to get on this - can't really call myself an insect collector if I don't do some work!

8. Make 10 signature cocktails - I already have one or two, but I need to make a few more that are just 'mine' and with the DIY Cocktail book I have, plus the Little Black Book, it shouldn't be too hard!

9. Take falconry lessons - Again, it's already in the works, but it looks impressive on a list of resolutions.

10. Finish the NaNoWriMo novel before the next NaNoWriMo event 

PS: Start painting...

These must be remembered as being distinct from my current wedding planning to do's... which still include...
- Buy shoes and a veil
- Take dancing lessons
- Order materials for and make wedding favors (the bottles, the packet, and the beads)
- Finish pen and ink drawings so that we have labels for tables
- Figure out who will officiate
- Figure out the music
- Buy a shirt and tie
- Add more to the registry

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