Friday, January 18, 2013

Cocktails 12.05

I've been feeling better lately - not sure if it's the fact I'm doing rotations again and thus actually busy with something that challenges my intellect, or just that I'm not around family.  Either way, I infused some more vodka with blackberry and pear, and I created a ginger syrup and a cinnamon syrup.  Here are a few shots of the process:

Reducing ginger syrup - a little added sugar, boiled ground ginger root with water, and then reduced.

Cheesecloth for sieving and the final product.

Blackberries and Pears infused in Russian Standard Platinum Vodka over past week.

Blackberry vodka after sieving

Finally the Pear infused vodka

 The trio after sieving through a wire mesh and cheesecloth into nice containers.  Ginger - Pear - Blackberry.

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