Thursday, June 28, 2012

Halloween 13.06

The portal gun is coming along - I haven't been as rigorous in taking pictures of every step because sometimes I just want to get through what I'm doing.  Especially when my hands are messy.  Here are the latest steps that have been completed:

So, the work is clearly moving forward.  In the final picture, the front white shell is not spray painted yet - I did that just a few moments ago, and it's sitting outside drying.  The next update will hopefully have both the shells prepared.  I also created a center portion for the nozzle, with a little design, but I need to figure out how to glue it in there.  Soon... soon...  

As a note, if I were to do this again I would probably get a flat black instead of a shiny black spray paint.  Also, unfortunately, the spackle is extremely hard to get completely smooth - I imagine Bondo is a better choice in that, since it probably doesn't form the little small air bubbles or chip off as much.  Either way though, I chose spackle for it's ease of use and lack of mixing requirements and slower drying time.  Plus this is a Halloween to closet or future bookshelf prop, not exactly a Comic Con or gamer-con prop.

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