Thursday, November 17, 2011

Self Improvement 10.01

I think it's time to admit that this has become a new obsession - running at sunset.  It's just so amazing.  So so so amazing.  I live about a 2-3 minute jog from a trail that goes makes about a 2 to 2.5 mile loop in a coastal area, so I get a perfect view of the sun setting and the ocean and the sky... it's great.  Below are a few pictures that I've taken on the road and from my apartment right before leaving

The bottom two were taken while out on the run with my Droid Incredible, so it's not as nice a camera as the first picture.  I'm looking forward to going out tonight, as there is a lot of cloud coverage so more to reflect color from the setting sun.  Here are some of my favorite tracks to listen to while I run - an interesting mix, I'm sure.

Kamelot - Wings of Despair
Portal 2 - 9999999
28 Days Later - In the House, in a Heartbeat
Game of Thrones - Main Title
The Smashing Pumpkins - The End is the Beginning is the End
Rammstein - Du Reichst So Gut
Lifehouse - Sick Cycle Carousel
Eisblume - Eisblumen
Nightwish - Amaranth (Orchestral Version)
Sirenia - Meridian
The 69 Eyes - Lips of Blood

I have multiple tracks by some of the artists, like Lifehouse, Sirenia, the 69 Eyes, Rammstein, Kamelot, but I didn't want to make it too long a list.  After I run today, I'm going to subject my chubby furry black kitty to a bath - she will NOT like it.  I should brush her first though while I wait for the clouds to start turning.  As for safety, since I am running in the evening solo a lot, I do carry a knife.    

Also, I've been wearing my Lululemon jacket while running, with the collar folded in though, since it's a little too high and hits me in the face, but it's super comfy and works great.  I may need to get more stuff from them, like crop running pants.  Very pricey though.  At any rate, time to get ready, brush the kitty, and have some fun!

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