Sunday, November 13, 2011

Creative Projects 7.04

I know, I know - I haven't posted for a while.  Here's an update on my various projects:

Samurai girl costume - The sword looks great, as you saw in the last post.  The first place I ordered from I "thought" was a bust, but it looks like it might be semi-legit - after 3 months, with no emails in response to my inquiries, and after my money was refunded by Wells Fargo, the original sword I ordered arrived.  So...two swords for the price of one.  That sword from the "crappy" company however isn't exactly what I ordered - the handle is black, which in a way I prefer, but isn't ideal - and the sword blade isn't as long as the one I ordered off of Amazon.  I try to support a smaller business for once, and it ends up being a crap business, so I guess Amazon will continue to get my business.

Now I would have worn the samurai costume for Halloween, except for the fact that the stockings I bought from the Spirit store refused to stay up.  And were uneven at the top.  Also, the shoes I would have liked to wear did not look good with the costume, so I went on November 1st to get new stockings and shoes from the Spirit store for 50% off, and this will be my costume for next year.  I am also growing out my hair so that I can do a fancier up-do for the costume.

Haute cuisine - I am still trying, but lately I have not been needing to prepare foods for myself because the hospitals I am at tend to have physician lunch rooms that I can mooch some food from.  I have noticed my diet has not been as healthy at home though, because I am not cooking as much, so I am going to get back on it.  More evenings of asparagus, sweet potatoes, nuts, blueberries, and other yummy things are coming up.  It is hard when you have a boyfriend who would love to have meat and potatoes every day.

Also I am still a medical student so life is still a challenge.

Topic du jour - creative projects.  A long time ago I decided I wanted to make my boyfriend four plant pressings of his favorite herbs (he loves cooking and especially herbs).  So, I stopped at Aaron Brothers recently just to see if they had the materials, and the floor assistant was nice enough to refer me to Michael's since they didn't have what I was looking for.  I also looked it up online and found this website.

It has a lot of good information and so I shall be ordering some dye chemicals, adhesives, and paper - I already have a quad frame to put them in.  Hopefully it'll be done by Christmas time.

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