Monday, November 21, 2011

Creative Projects 7.05

Shutterfly had a deal recently where you could get 40% any photobooks ordered, so of course that gave me the extra push I needed to do the book of me and my boyfriend's pictures from the past 5 years - the highlights at any rate.  I finished that after about 5 hours of work, showed Kit who thought it looked good, and ordered it along with my UCSD album.  I saved about $62 dollars too, just from that 40% off and free shipping on orders over $30.  I am looking forward to having physical books to look through.  I shared the album with Kit's parents and our friends online - for privacy purposes I would rather not just post it on a public blog.  So that's one creative project checked and in the mail.

My next project - the pressed plants - is springing into action.  I bought a flower press at Michael's and some fresh herbs at the market, so when Kit decides what arrangement he would like we will give it a shot!  

Also, I have another project that I came up with as presents for Kit's parents - it sucks when the parents are divorced not only because of the emotional stress it placed on the child, but also because then you have twice as many "parents" to buy things for as normal when the holidays roll around.  I shall be purchasing some plain wine glasses and etching their initials into the glasses, along with a grape design (stencils and solvent material from Michael's - no freehand).  I figure that works for both sets of parents, is personalized, and shows effort.  

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