Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 is Here!

It's been quite a year.  I think that pretty much says it.  It's been great for me, the world in general - not so much.

Here's an old gem from London to brighten your spirits:

Resolutions, as you may have gathered, are kind of an ongoing thing.  I've upgraded several recent 'resolutions' to 'maintenance goals' - since I've managed to keep it going for a few weeks.  Tried to organize these to be slightly more concise.

New goals:
1) Get creative in the kitchen again - my other half's been picking up the slack on that for the last couple months, but I miss making new interesting dishes - and after reading about various herbs and spices, I'm eager to try out some dishes highlighting various ones!
2) Get out and hike more, and find places to collect insects! - got some hiking shoes to break in, a hiking back pack, and a list of places to go - just have to get out there!
3) Plan this year's vacations and figure out my CME plans
4) Get back into writing and drawing
5) Spend less time on Facebook and news websites - for obvious reasons
6) Visit more wineries
7) Become good at taking photos with the new Nikon 3300 - I'm going to do this right.  Read the actual guide on how to take awesome pictures!  I suspect I'm going to need another lens, this one doesn't quite zoom in as much as I would like, but again, I need to make sure all my settings are optimized.  First pictures have come out pretty nice though - Midnight is especially difficult since she's usually black on black but the details came out there very well.  The butterfly wing also shows the individual scales, which was very nice.

- Photo album for past year on Shutterfly - just finished pics up through March
- Halloween cyberpunk android costume - I had a dream which gave me some interesting ideas
- Figure out an herb garden plan for the plot outside - finished reading this book about herbs and spices, and made a list (see last post) so now just to figure out watering demands, planting time, seed vs. starter plant, and organization (light, semi-shade, shade).

Maintenance: Duolingo, XHIT arm and leg exercises, Jun tea, reading lists, violin, computer games (currently Dishonored 2 and Mankind Divided)

*breathes*  Okay, 2017.  Let's get started.

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