Thursday, July 5, 2012

Halloween 13.07

Another update on the Aperture Science Hand-held Portal Device - it is coming along.  I have the biggest parts all physically made.  It's about ready to put together but I need my fiance to figure out the LEDs.  The front ones will be a bit challenging - I'll have to run the wire underneath the center chamber and cover with electrical tape.  I'll have to adjust the widths of the circular bits holding the chamber in place.  The claws also look to be challenging as well.

I found my solution for filling in the tiny gaps in the shell was using gesso.  I've used it before but it brings back annoying memories of art class in high school.  Not that I was bad at it, I'm actually pretty decent with drawing and art in general, but being forced to do it my whole life by teachers and my mother has made me rather resent it.  Anyhow, using gesso has definitely smoothed the look of the small shell, so I'll continue with that.  Sand it then paint it one more time then spray paint it.

Here are the latest photos!  I also made a front mesh for the gun so it looks cool-ish.

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