Sunday, May 27, 2012

Halloween 13.03

I compiled a list of things I want to use for my build of a portal gun.  I have based this upon other people's that I have seen, as well as a few other ideas here and there.  For the main body I am going to use cardboard packing tubes, which are a lot sturdier than you would think.  I don't have power tools and it costs a lot to rent them, so I will not be going with PVC pipes.  Also, the debate between Bondo and spackle for reinforcement and molding has been stuck in my head for a bit - ultimately I think I will try just using Spackle for the whole thing because I have worked with Spackle before and it doesn't harden as quickly as Bondo, allowing for more flexibility.  Also, I'm not working with PVC pipes, so again, I don't need something made of fiberglass.  Ordered the rest of my ingredients from Amazon, including two high gloss spray paints (black and white), a clear handled toilet plunger (for the handle of course), and sandpaper.  I obtained the green florist's foam from Michael's, I probably could have ordered it online but I wanted to go in person to make sure it's what I wanted to use.  It'll be a challenge to cut it how I want, but I think it will be ideal.  Here are all the supplies I have thus far... 

Only tools I have at this point are exacto knives, scissors, and a hacksaw... For reference, here is the "pro" way of doing this project - which I would preferably do if I had the power tools and time...  When all my stuff arrives I will start on the black tubing portion first, and see how that goes.  My boyfriend will probably do the electronics portion, so we shall see how that works.

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