Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Almost Back in the Saddle

Getting so much closer to restarting the writing.  Here's how it got started - surprisingly, with metal music binges.

It reminded me of epic adventures and romances - primarily the album by Dragonland - Under the Grey Banner.  It reawakened an interest in my old stories, and I mean old.  Like 2006 old.  

After reading through those, setting them to various music mixes, I remembered how fun they could be to read.  Not just write, but read too.  There were some plot devices I completely forgot about, and on revisiting, still felt fresh. 

Now, I still haven't revisited Red Horizon with fresh eyes - that's the part I'm really working towards.  I'm feeling some extra motivation also after watching the Red Letter Media discussion of why the first three Star Wars movies were not good.  One interesting point he brought up was how to move the plot along while at the same time giving background information and present the information in interesting ways.  It brought me back to some of the ways I thought of doing that.  Opening on a major crisis,  Bringing up backstory while heading into a surface walk that results in discoveries.  Talking about plot developments while traversing a fractionator room, scientific research facilities, pre-during-post hallucination experiences.  The biggest thing I remember from Red Letter is avoid just having them sit down talking.  Sure, in an environment/atmosphere-heavy story, I think it's forgivable to have discussions in previously unvisited areas, like musings in a storage facility, or common areas and cafeterias.  

At any rate, I think the next step is rereading Red Horizon and getting re-engaged in the characters.  Time to pay Tharsus One another visit.

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