Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 in review and looking ahead - lots of lists

Well, it's been a while since I posted, prepare for listmania, since I love making lists.  To do lists, goal lists, grocery lists...  I suppose with Facebook, Google+, texting, Gchat, and of course IRL interactions, the thought of setting things down in writing that I've thought about or shared in a multitude of other ways isn't as great a priority.  It probably should be, however.  After all, spending more than 120 characters on a thought is a good thing, not that I am on twitter anyhow.

It's nearly the end of the year, and I'm still spreading myself as thin as possible on as many crazy projects as usual.  The latest and greatest was probably NaNoWriMo and the Fallout 4 costume which involved a replica of the Pip Boy 3000.

The last post was talking about planning my butterfly costume - here it is - unfortunately I forgot to wear the black gloves!  I did get them though.

Here's the Fallout 4 vault dweller costume, with my trusty sidekick Dogmeat.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to fully enjoy the game due to graphics card troubles.  Still trying to sort that one out, hopefully the NVIDIA card will succeed where the 390 and 290x AMD cards failed.

In review of my resolutions for 2014 (I can't remember if I made any for this year, oh well - ), let's see how I did:

1. Continue reading my Great Books list - check!  Completed the audio book of Milton's Paradise Lost, am 90% of the way through James Joyce's Ulysses, Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, Turgenev's Fathers and Sons, Rousseau's The Social Contract, probably a few others - additionally, some that should be on the list such as Yegevny Zamyatin's We and am halfway through Jack London's Iron Heel.  Also read Dreamlands - about America's opioid addiction.  Probably a few others here and there.
2. Read one Wikipedia page every other day - semi-check - I did pretty well, but only got so far as Ecuador I believe... still want to continue, but it has fallen as a priority
3. Come up with a sustainable exercise regimen - check (kinda) - Up until the Fallout costume and NaNoWriMo, I had been alternating days with 15 minute free weight arm exercise and a 17 minute leg exercise.  I should probably throw in some core exercises, but anyhow, I think I'm ready to get back into that!
4. Cook one new gourmet dish per month - hm... hard to say - I did cook some new amazing Chocolate bourbon crackle cookies this past month, and found a good duck recipe, possibly a few other things...
5. Continue watching the Minerology lectures, maybe some Entomology reading to go with it - okay, that was basically a fail, to be replaced by Cardiology lectures!
6. Read and write down new medical guidelines at least every other day - yup, been doing that.
7. Start painting and doing pen and ink sketches - check - didn't paint, but did manage to churn out a pen and ink recently!

8. Go camping - fail...
9. Come up with a creative Halloween costume - check and check!
10.  Explore Redding and the local area by doing some of the following activities: kinda? Lassen national volcanic park, Local wineries, Balsamic and olive oil tasting, Shasta caverns - um... well, my parents came up to Shingletown and we drove through Lassen, and me and the hubby went stargazing up at Lassen, so... does that count?  I think that counts.

Bonus: Work on my novel - well, does winning NaNoWriMo count?  Yes, I think it does!  Red Horizon (work in progress) - it only says 45k words but that is because I didn't post the last 5k which were written in a mad dash to the finish and are in desperate need of revision.  The whole novella needs to be revised, and it is not half way done yet either, but I shall make revising it one of my new resolutions this year.  In terms of my other NaNo novel, I did work on it a little, but it still has a ways to go.  


So... 2015 in review - biggest milestones and events
- Got my medical and DEA license and started moonlighting, and am now halfway through my final year of residency!
- My hubby got his big research paper published and is planning on finishing his PhD this June, so we will both be ready to start the next phase of our adult lives
- Won NaNoWriMo by reaching 50,000 words in my dystopia novel set on Mars in a terraforming colony in a period of 30 days - reached 50,093 at 11:55pm on Nov 30 actually.
- Have been reading a good amount of non-medical books
- Killed the In-Training Exam assessment for Family Medicine residents - scored basically in the top 5% nationally and highest at my program by at least one standard deviation compared to the next highest score
- Went to Yosemite for a Dermoscopy conference, got my Dermascope
- Starting playing Violin in January, sounding pretty decent now!
- Played a few amazing computer games, including Deus Ex Human Revolution which inspired me to write a 2-part fan fiction that reached 60,000 words total
- Duolingo - started aggressively learning German, and am dedicated to keeping the Spanish tree golden
- Completed the packet for the Colorado friends retreat

Probably several other things, but I forget

So without further ado, here are my ten resolutions, and big upcoming events, for 2016!

1. Restart my exercise routine - the weight videos, the leg exercises, try to do some kind of specific exercise daily.  I'm going to be buying new running shoes (my current ones are 5 years old and so worn I can see my socks in multiple places) so that might help motivate me.  Notice I'm not specifying weight - it's about health, not a number.
2. Keep my streak going on Duolingo and finish the German language tree this year - the first part will be somewhat easy, finishing the German tree will be the real challenge
3. Create and order a shutterfly book for years 5 through 10 of marriage - I have all the pictures, just need to organize them
4. Continue reading books from my personal Great Books reading list
5. Watch at least one Cardiovascular review lecture per week - self explanatory, I only have a year of access anyhow.  Perhaps I should find a way to rip the videos from the site...
6. Continue reading AAFP, NEJM, BMJ, etc articles and staying up to date on medical information
7. Become even more amazing at Violin - to the point of being able to play beautifully, not just decently well
8. Play more computer games - this shouldn't have to be on here, but between NaNoWriMo, violin, reading and studying, well, I just haven't had time to sit in front of a screen for hours exploring postapocalyptic wastelands, or abandoned space ships orbiting Jupiter while being stalked by an Alien, etc.  With Fallout 4 still depressingly neglected, Starcraft 2's final chapter awaiting me, and Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Dishonored 2 slated to come out this year, I need to step this up!  Games to complete or replay: SC2 Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm on Hard with all achievements, SC2 Legacy of the Void, Fallout 4, Wolfenstein New Order, Alien Isolation.
9. Pass the American Board of Family Medicine board exam - based on my in-training exam score, this shouldn't be an issue
10. Incorporate pre-Christian Sabbaths as regular secular holiday celebrations - I've made a list of the Sabbaths from Imbolc to Yule, and will be making more of an effort to celebrate each and every one!  Shall be complete with personal activities as well as feasting and decorations.

Bonus resolutions
- Revise and complete Red Horizon
- Incorporate artistic endeavors such as pen and ink, painting, sketching particularly naturalist decorations like plant pressings, make a display-worthy crow or raven sketch
- Work on American Sign Language videos
- Work on insect collection
- Find a way to visit Amy in Oregon
- Plan a trip for the weekend out to visit the famous Fern Valley in Humboldt
- Work on lucid dreaming
- Revive Storium
- Be on the lookout for new recipes
- Read up on marine biology, entomology, country wiki pages, and geology

Major events coming up in 2016:

- San Diego trip in March - Dermatology conference, but also to revisit all my favorite places from when I went to college down there - sigh!
- London trip in March - will be meeting my In-Laws in London, where my father-in-law, a first assistant director, will be shooting a movie  Don't get all excited, me and the hubby will be going for London - the British Natural History Museum, the tower of London (I really want to find those ravens!), wining and dining, Stonehenge... not for the filming.  This will be the first time for both of us to go to England.
- Dominica trip in March - right when we get back from London, it's off to Dominica for "Helping Babies Breathe" where we will teach birthing assistants how to properly resuscitate newborns to reduce perinatal morbidity and mortality - in the evenings and at least the final day we should be able to enjoy some sight-seeing
- Grand Rounds, Board Exam in April, and graduating from residency - haven't started on Grand Rounds, but it's coming up, though it isn't scheduled actually...  June 30th I will be graduating from residency and finally escaping from my prison in the north state.  Unfortunately also have to do my TAR wars and COPD presentations in addition to Grand Rounds... I need to start having dedicated work time (rather than just study/reading time).
- Colorado friends retreat in May - time to send out the packets and prepare!  It should be fun - road tripping from California to Colorado to a large mansion for nine close friends to relax, explore, and do whatever we want, in the spirit of John Galt.  I'm just waiting on the ... well, custom-made sealing device.  More to come on that later.
- Moving - we will be moving someplace new in July, and with that in mind we will need to be saving up and preparing for completely new dynamic.  It should be amazing though.
- 10 year date-aversary and both of us turning 30 - celebrations at La Folie with a 2007 Silver Oak Cab for the date-aversary to commemorate 10 years as well as completion of our respective training programs, and Napa Valley Wine Train likely for one of our 30th birthdays.  Perhaps back to Woodinville for my birthday in December...

Some favorite things for 2016 - Lupicia tea, avocados and poached eggs, Pandora, mixing cocktails, Fallout 4, Summerskin SPF clothing, blackberry and raspberry porch plants, audiobooks, roast duck, TimeMist air fresheners, PooPourri, Jane Iredale makeup, Elta MD tinted sunscreen, ear cuff, German, violin, bluetooth phone to car broadcast devices

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