Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finding Balance

Finding balance has been a challenge of late.  It has been unbearably hot here.  100+ every day nearly, and over 80 by 9am, making running before work a bit of a challenge.  I've probably overstretched myself in terms of trying to do tons of non-medical stuff to keep me from going insane - Duolingo to keep up on Spanish, trying to learn violin, reading through Edgar Allen Poe and Crime and Punishment, reading stuff for work, working 7am to 6pm most days, trying to run in the mornings... combined with the ennui of heat and cabin fever, and being trapped someplace I cannot escape.  

I think I've narrowed it down to just not being focused enough, or excited enough about each individual thing - because I try to fit these things in when I can and I end up being interrupted or having to delay things... hard to get into a book and keep putting it down.  

Other things on the list to re-incorporate: More medical readings/practice questions, drawing, more nature documentaries or neutral things, writing.  I just feel stretched and not getting sufficient satisfaction from any of these things, and I'm not getting a good synergy.

A couple new pluses: 
1) Got my Halloween costume figured out - after much debate, including a steampunk Cleopatra and android or cosplay ideas, I decided to settle on a stylized butterfly costume of a blue mountain swallowtail butterfly: 

Here are the planned costume components:



I'll do stylized blue makeup beneath the outline of the mask 

(Except requested them be the blue swallowtail butterfly style)


The cake toppers will instead be attached along the dress

2) I managed to coordinate 10-12 people including myself to have a friend vacation together in a little less than 2 years - a bunch of fellow educated, open minded, well rounded, knowledge-seeking people with similar values.  Not an easy feat, but hey, should be a lot of fun.

3) Found a new metal band - it is so hard for me to find the right combination of melody, instruments, and vocalists to create a minor key, intense, heavy, balanced, somewhat dark/gothy melody.  The last time that happened was when I discovered Sirenia's older work, when I already liked their newer stuff.  The most recent band is Deathstars.  Sure, they look like a bunch of Marilyn Manson wannabes with their makeup, but the music is amazing.  

I think drawing and playing violin are what I need to focus on a bit, plus the reading.  I need to work on my tactile dexterity.  Hopefully I'll also have someplace to go for this Halloween...

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