Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Here We Come!

Well, it's been a tumultuous year, the Match for residency, moving to Redding, a wedding, a honeymoon, and the first half of intern year of residency.  That has cut a lot into my time in terms of creative projects, but never fear, I am still motivated to do awesome things!  On that note, it's time for me to make my annual list of 10 resolutions I will strive towards.

1. Continue reading my Great Books list - most recently finished Seneca - On The Shortness of Life
2. Read one country Wikipedia page every other day - so far I've hit Canada, Mexico, Guatemala and Belize
3. Come up with a reasonable indoor exercise regimen that works for my schedule and motivation level - running would be nice, but my work schedule is such that I don't get out until it's pitch black, and the area isn't particularly safe.  Also, the summers get over 100 degrees and I am NOT running in that.
4. Cook one new gourmet dish per month
5. Continue watching the Minerology lectures, maybe some Entomology reading to go with it
6. Read and write down new medical guidelines at least every other day
7. Start painting and doing pen and ink sketches
8. Go camping
9. Come up with a creative Halloween costume
10.  Explore Redding and the local area by doing some of the following activities: Lassen national volcanic park, Local wineries, Balsamic and olive oil tasting, Shasta caverns

Bonus: Work on my novel!

That seems reasonable so far, if I think of more things I'll write about them -

I got a lot of whole vanilla and various bitters for Christmas so now I need to think of ways to use them...desserts or cocktails or both...  I'll have a little more time over this coming two weeks, so maybe I'll get some stuff done!  Other fun things... I bought a cute black dress with my Nordstrom gift cards, got a gray pea coat with my Mom, lots of interesting books... just need money now.  Need to save up for a Colorado vacation a year from this Spring, that's the next big thing.  Ordered some Monterey Clam Chowder and we are going to try to reverse engineer it.  Our feast for Christmas ended up being Ham since everywhere was sold out of goose, but I need more goose fat so I'll be going to get more soon...

Tonight going to my favorite German restaurant!  Wheee!

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