Monday, May 20, 2013

Cocktails 12.06

Not too many new cocktails in the mix - I did make some computer game themed ones for game play, and I've made a few more TV or movie themed cocktails, but I've been trying to drink smaller quantities of alcohol.  As such, I've been making more use of tonic/herbal liqueurs, because they pack a ton of aromatic flavors instead of just sugars and dyes.  Examples include gin, chartreuse, absinthe, campari, bitters... which are fun to mix with tonic water and add a sprig of rosemary to.  I'm about to get some more ingredients and drinks - on the list today is Benedictine, diet Tonic water (just quinine for me, thanks!), Mead, and more Woodford's Reserve bourbon and whole vanilla beans for infusion.

I have also been playing Skyrim a lot lately, and mixing potions and enchanting things at ornate tables has made me want to put something like that into reality.  In the game, this is what they look like:

I think it would be rather fun to have a corner in the house with a table similar to this, a cabinet below with liqueurs and spirits in ornate glasses, and some various gothic and dark lore paraphernalia around the area.  I'm thinking a Cthulhu idol statuette, some pewter dragons and such that I've always wanted from Renaissance Faires, and miscellaneous tomes, like my thick copy of the necronomicon and old-looking cocktail recipe journals.  A rough draft of what I have in mind is:

With any luck I shall realize this some day, and have a nice corner in the house for cocktail mixing.  I imagine that over time various stains would start making it look very cool...

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