Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cheese 18.04

Well, I have to say we are starting to reach some of the less-enjoyable cheeses now, it would seem -

Westcombe Farmhouse Cheddar - Borough Market - a drier cheddar, but not particularly flavorful or interesting.

Berliner - The best of this bunch, but still a mild cheese.  Hard cheese.

Brillat Savarin Delin - a soft cheese, similar to Brie and St. Angel but not as flavorful/salty and the rind has that typical fungal "Brie" characteristic.  All this one did was make me miss St. Angel.

P'tit Basque - similar to Manchego but seems a little drier, a little less fat, a little less salt, a lot more rind, so it's harder to get a good bite of it.  Overall, not better than Manchego.

Mountain Gorgonzola - blue cheese, medium-soft - you can spread it if you try hard, the blue is not overpowering.  I think it has a good place in combination with crackers or bread, but Kit disagrees and thinks it is just not that flavorful, at least not for a blue.


So does this mean we are at the end of our cheese tasting saga?  I would disagree on that - but we are going to revisit some of our favorites.  On that note, I stopped at Safeway for some lettuce for salads and thought I'd check their cheese section.  As luck would have it, they have some of our favorites, so I got a few of them:

Aged Irish Cheddar
Cave Aged Grueyere
Goat Cheese Brie (I generally like Brie and they didn't have St. Angel so I got this to see how it compares)


Since we don't particularly like the cheeses we recently got, I thought we should have a few of the ones we do like to mix in on the cheese plates.  We also recently stocked huge amounts on our wine list!

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