Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cocktails 12.02

In honor of the awesomeness of Portal 2, and me having lots of time off this weekend, and having just finished playing through the single player part of Portal 2 today, the first of my new drink posts will be about this one!  See here for some of my original inspirations for my drinks tonight. As it is also my early-valentine's day celebration, I got a Chandon Rose champagne and will be making some pretty cocktails with that as well, so there will be many updates to this post tonight!

First one - Portal 2 cocktails - matching Portal drinks!

We used blue curacao, 7-up (we don't have orangina), vodka, and a little orange coloring (again, no orangina). Turned out pretty good! Used two drops of blue, and one drop of yellow and one drop of red in the bags of sugar and then just rolled the bags between my hands and it all blended perfectly.

Attempt #2!!!!

....and I forgot to put the liquid into the right opposite colored rims, but at least I figured out how to put the sugar on so it won't look clumpy!  I lined the rims with agave nectar, not water.

Skyyrum - check the link above for the official ingredients
In my version I used 1.5oz Kraken spiced rum, 1.5oz Bacardi rum, 3/4oz St. Germain, 1/8oz Vanilla extract, and sparkling water for the rest - it ended up pretty good!

Below are a few variations on some champagne-based cocktails - I happened to use a Rose champagne, though the original recipes from called for normal champagne.

Above: On the left we have a Kir Royale - 1oz creme de cassis and the rest filled to the top with champagne.  On the right we have one of my own, I'll call it a Ruby Kiss - calls for Rose champagne and a splash of grenadine, topped with rapsberries.  I added raspberries to the Kir Royale as well.

This would be the Cherub's Cup - originally calls for 1/4 simple syrup, champagne, 3/4 part lemon juice, 1 strawberry, 1 part St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, and 2 parts Hendricks Gin.  I used 1/4 agave nectar, rose champagne, no lemon juice, some raspberries (not pictured), 1 part St. Germain, and 2 parts Tanqueray Gin.  It ended up okay, not my favorite, I preferred the Kir Royale.

This was a cocktail I made as a mixture of basically every tropical-y alcohol I had available to me - turned out sweet and colorful.  Contains various amounts of Passionfruit Smirnoff Vodka, Malibu Coconut Rum, Dark Rum, and Grenadine.  I think that's it, but it looked pretty either way.

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